Cybex 620A Lower Body Arc Trainer

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Brand Cybex
Location Hickory, NC

Availability: Call (828) 324-2626

Equipment Features

Programs: Quick Start, Manual, Hill Interval, Interval, Weight Loss, Cardio and Strength

Displays: distance, calories, calories/hour, METs, watts, strides per minute and heart rate, heart rate %, time, incline and resistance level

Resistance Levels: 101

Incline Levels: 11

Heart Rate: Built in wireless heart rate receiver and contact heart rate monitoring

Convenience Features: Accessory Tray, Built-in Reading Rack, and Water Bottle Holder

Power Requirements: 110V (works on any standard outlet)

Tech Specifications

Maximum User Weight: 400 lbs

Weight: 331 lbs

Dimensions: 82" L x 30" W x 59" H

The Cybex 620a Arc Trainer, the Arc Trainer was developed with the “correct arc of motion”, a user-friendly path that reaches new heights in biomechanics. It delivers a safe, effective workout based on body basics, not fitness fads. Club members and owners have given it rave reviews and because of the punch it packs by combining elements of a climber, cross-trainer and cross-country skier and like all Cybex fitness equipment, it’s designed to give the least amount of stress on joints while maintaining the highest level of performance.